The Wicca Cookbook: Recipes, Ritual, and Lore

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Book review of The Wicca Cookbook.

Based on medieval traditions of combining cooking with ceremonial significance and living in harmony with nature, this book offers tips, recipes, spells and lore that can help us understand where we came from in the not-so-distant past.

Drawing on Wiccan lore from the thirteenth century to the present, The Wiccan Cookbook celebrates the divine through food preparation and ritual. The book is structured around the eight sabbats or Wiccan holidays, derived from celestial movement and seasonal cycles.

Whether for festive celebrations or every night suppers with friends and family, each of the 100 recipes celebrates the earth and comes accompanied by its hallowed meaning, therapeutic value, historical significance or a spell or ritual to be performed (for example, using an apple peel for divination when making apple scones).

Whether you are a Wiccan looking to get more in touch with your roots, a hostess looking to add authenticity to a Halloween celebration or even if you have no mystical interest whatsoever but just want some tasty recipes that use an abundance of healthy, natural ingredients, The Wicca Cookbook is a winner.