Asian Grilling

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Book review of Asian Grilling -- 85 Satay, Kebabs, Skewers and Other Asian-Inspired Recipes for Your Barbecue, plus free sample Asian Grilling recipes.

Teach your barbecue a new language (or 2 or 3) with this inspired collection of delicious Asian inspired grill recipes. A native of Thailand and owner of San Diego's Saffron restaurant, the author makes these delicious recipes accessible to American cooks with simple instructions and ingredient lists that use (mostly) easy to find provisions available in most American supermarkets and farmer's markets (with occasional side trips to the Asian market).

You'll tour the Pacific Rim with these recipes inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Philippino cuisines. In addition to recipes, the author shares instructional info about grilling, equipment, ingredients and helpful tips. Recipes are for beef, poultry, pork, seafood, as well as vegetarian dishes, and cover appetizers, entrees, salads, side dishes, snacks and even desserts. A separate chapter on seasonings, sauces and condiments is useful not only for these recipes, but for your Asian inspired cooking in general.

Beautiful full color photos of many of the recipes will make your mouth water and inspire you to actually put the recipes to practical use. Chapters include: Satay, Kebabs and Skewers; Wrapped and Grilled; Grilled and Wrapped; Grilled Salads; Noodles, Rice and Flatbreads; Grilled Fruit and Vegetables; Seasonings, Sauces and Condiments.

Sample Recipes:
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