Holly Clegg's Trim and Terrific Home Entertaining the Easy Way: Fast And Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion

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Book review of Trim and Terrific Home Entertaining the Easy Way. Entertaining doesn't get any easier than Holly's fabulous recipes and plans.

Holly Clegg, one of our favorite cookbook authors, has done it again with a beautifully produced entertaining book that is so chock full of practical entertaining tips and recipes, you'll find yourself referring to it over and over again.

Like all of Holly's Trim and Terrific series of books, these are lightened recipes (Holly regularly contributes to Cooking Light magazine), but that's just a bonus. You'd never know by looking or tasting them that these are healthy "lightened" recipes, and neither will your guests. That's one of the things I like most about Holly's recipes, they're not good diet food, they're just plain good by any standards.

Beyond tons of great recipes (all with nutritional counts and many with gorgeous full color photography by David Humphreys), this book is an entertaining guide for the new millennium. Throughout the book are Holly's "Terrific Tips" which will make your parties go smoother and easier. The recipes are divided into party menu chapters. In addition to the recipes, you'll get decorating and serving tips, make ahead advice and shortcuts you can use for hen time is of the essence (when is it not?).

Even if you've never hosted a party before in your life and are a beginning cook, with Holly's book as your guide, you can be sure of everyone having a great time.

Chapters include: Bountiful Brunch; Ladies Lunch on the Run; Tropical Paradise Party; The Big Enchilada (Mexican style foods); Backyard Barbecue; Glitz and Glitter Dessert Party; Traditional Holiday Dinner; Souper Bowl Party; Mardi Gras Madness; Orient Express; Comfort Sundays; and the Classic Cocktail Party.

Sample Recipes:
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