The Big Book of Barbecue Sides

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Book review of The Big Book of Barbecue Sides. Bring excitement to barbecue and cookout side dishes.

Whenever people plan a barbecue, the focus is invariably on the main course -- namely the meat lovingly smoked and/or grilled to flavorful perfection and often enhanced by a spicy/sweet flavorful sauce. But just take a moment and think about what a barbecue would be like without all the culinary supporting players. Sure the star of the show would still be there, but without something to play off of, all stars lose their luster.

Enter Rick Browne, host of the popular PBS series Barbecue America. Rick's collection of over 125 barbecue side dish recipes is a great reference and convenience for outdoor cooks. You'll find both classic barbecue side dishes like potato salads, and baked beans to creative new recipes like grilled fruits and spicy salsas that will add new personality to your outdoor cooking events.

Truly, these side dishes are so fabulous, you might even be tempted to do away with the main event. Makes a terrific gift for anyone who loves to grill, barbecue and/or picnic.

Chapters include: Salads; Breads; Pasta; Vegetables; Rice; Beans; Salsas; Potatoes; Fruits.

Sample Recipes:
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