Jiggelo -- Inventive Gelatin Shots for Creative Imbibers

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Book review of Jiggelo -- Inventive Gelatin Shots for Creative Imbibers.

By far the most creative "cocktail" book I've ever seen, Jiggelo takes the humble Jello shot -- to heightened levels of flavor and sophistication. After reading this book, you'll never think of of the humble gelatin cocktail as a mere frat party novelty again.

The recipes are tasty, innovative, and potent. This is an adults only book and be sure to caution your gusts that the shots do pack a punch that can sneak up on you. You'll find over 50 creative gelatin shots -- everything from jiggly versions of classic cocktails to tropical drinks to international cocktails to creamy rich sweet concoctions. Dessert lovers and hostesses take note -- many of the recipes can easily stand in for the meal's final course. These are gelatin shot versions of those creamy, chocolatey drinks that are usually served frozen. Some are even augmented by chocolate shavings, cake bits or whipped cream. These small shot sized alcoholic desserts would be perfect for passing around at the end of a cocktail party or on display on dessert buffet table.

Aside from the recipes, we also loved the book's playful style, with retro style artwork and full color photographs of many of the the Jiggelos. A very giftable book, Jiggelo is the perfect addition to any home bar.

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