Glorious Liqueurs: 150 Recipes for Spirited Desserts, Drinks, and Gifts of Food

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Book review of Glorious Liqueurs. This book covers both how to make your own liqueurs and recipes that use liqueurs in cooking.

Liqueurs, or cordials, consist of sweetened spirits (such as whiskey, rum, brandy or vodka) infused with fruit, herbs, nuts or spices. Some favorite commercially available liqueurs include Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Frangelico, and Amaretto. And while many of the recipes in this book can use commercially available liqueurs, the author also teaches how to infuse your own flavorful, high-quality homemade equivalents.

Whether for stocking your own home bar, or to give as elegant gifts, this books shows you how to make cranberry cordial, orange liqueur, raspberry liqueur, almond liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, cr?me de menthe, vanilla cordial, chocolate liqueur, coffee liqueur, cinnamon spice liqueur, pina colada cream liqueur and mocha cream liqueur.

In addition to how make the liqueurs themselves, you'll also get lots of drink recipes to make with them, including cocktails, spritzers, frozen drinks, coffees and other hot drinks. But this book is much more than a book about drinks and liqueurs. It's also a fabulous dessert cookbook, abeit liqueur laced desserts. Other chapters include cakes, pie and tarts; ices, ice creams and sorbets; and cookies, candies and confections. Rounding out the recipe collections is a chapter on gifts from the pantry, including sauces, condiments and preserves. Eight pages of beautiful full color photography will inspire you to put down the book and get into the kitchen and start whipping up some of these marvelous concoctions and treats.

Besides being a great guide to food gifts you can make in your own kitchen, the book itself makes a nice gift for anyone who enjoys fine liqueurs and decadent, sophisticated desserts.