Breakfasts and Brunches from the Culinary Institute of America

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Book review of Breakfasts and Brunches from the Culinary Institute of America. The country's premier culinary school weighs in on the subject of morning meals. Includes sample recipes.

The world's most famous cooking school brings you a fabulous collection of breakfast and brunch recipes that are truly worth getting up for. We're constantly told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many people it's no more than a cup of coffee. Here's a book that gives breakfast the respect that it deserves.

Like all of the CIA books, this one is beautifully produced and includes lots of instructional information along with the recipes and lots of full color photographs of the finished dishes and of the techniques needed to accomplish them. If you want to turn out gourmet, restaurant quality fare at home, the CIA's series of cooking at home books can help you do just that. This one is no exception -- you'll never look at morning meals the same way again. Arguably the most comprehensive breakfast and brunch reference you'll ever find, the huge variety of recipes included here will have you feasting on lots of fabulous breakfast fare before you'll ever have to repeat a dish (although recipes are so good you'll want to).

Chapters include: Breakfast and Brunch Mise en Place; Breakfast & Brunch Drinks; Muffins, Quick Breads and Coffee Cakes;, Sweet and Savory Breads and Pastries; Pancake, Waffles and Crepes; Eggs; Grains and Legumes; Meats, Fish, & Poultry; Soups, Salads & Small Bites.