Breakfast Around the World

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Book Review of Breakfast Around the World - Alaska to Zambia, 475 Recipes from 43 Countries by Richard Calhoun, plus six sample international breakfast recipes.

This book is a great little find that will keep you cooking fabulous morning meals for years to come. Homespun (I'm guessing self published), this book more than makes up in content what it lacks in style -- simple production without slick art, or a fancy cover or photos, and lack of a comprehensive index.

Author Richard Calhoun was in the travel promotion industry for years, working as the publicity director of the Alaska Day Festival, editor of Oregon Holiday magazine, editor of Camping Trails magazine, promotion manager for the Southern California Visitors Council, among other jobs. His extensive travels led him on a quest to collect unique recipes for the day's most important meal. The result is an international melange of morning fare, from the traditional to the obscure (at least by American standards).

This is a HUGE collection, with many of the recipes going beyond the scope of many other breakfast cookbooks. Chapters include: Bars, Crullers & Other Delights; Beverages: Fruit and Hot; Biscuits & Scones plus Toppings; Breads: tea Breads, Yeast breads & Spreads; Cereals: Ready to Eat, Hot, Baked & Fried; Coffee Cakes, Strudels & Sweet Cakes; Doughnuts, Fritters & Fried Breads; Dumplings & Steamed Doughs; Eggs: Casseroles, Omelets & Quiche; French Toast; Fruit plus Toppings; Meat & Seafood; Muffins; Pancakes and Crepes; Puddings; Vegetables; Waffles.

Sample Recipes:
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