Clouds for Dessert: Sweet Treats from the Wild West

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Book review of Clouds for Dessert - Sweet Treats from the Wild West. The author shares over 65 favorite dessert recipes, collected from a lifetime of cooking and living in the Southwest.

If you have kids or live in the southwest, you've probably heard of (or even read) Susan Lowell's delightful regional adaptation of the children's classic the Three Little Pigs - The Three Little Javalinas. In Clouds for Dessert, she shows you how to bake the story in delicious gingerbread - a completely furnished gingerbread adobe house, and of course, the three little javalinas themselves.

Aside from this whimsical dessert, the author shares over 65 favorite dessert recipes, collected from a lifetime of cooking. Many of the recipes have decidedly southwest touches such as Mexican chocolate, pignon nuts, prickly pears and other interesting ingredients giving the finished dishes a unique flair and flavor. Other recipes take their inspiration from the southwest land and skyscapes -- for instance Clouds in the Sky, an airy "pouf of meringue adrift in a sky of sauce."

Along with the recipes you get the author's notes and entertaining observations and memories - a combination of cookbook and storytelling - which makes this a particularly nice gift.

Recipe categories include cookies, cakes, sweet breads, small confections, fruit desserts, beverages, puddings, pies and frozen desserts.

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