Jamaica's All-Inclusive Resorts

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Jamaica's All-Inclusive Resorts. Jamiaca has an all inclusive resort for everyone, single or coupled, with or without kids, young or old. Check out the possibilities.
Gentle breezes float across powder white sand beaches while clear, aqua water beckons you to swim beneath it's warm current and lush, tropical plants sway to a reggae beat. Indoors, a bountiful feast of gourmet food tantalizes your taste buds. All of this, plus water-skiing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing, golf and tennis can be yours at one of Jamaica's many all inclusive resorts.

A Resort for Every Need
There are more than ten all inclusive resorts situated in the most exotic and picturesque areas of Jamaica. All inclusive resorts can really help vacationers get the most out of their travel dollar. Everything is taken care of, from hotel transfers to evening entertainment. At all of the resorts, you will not pay for a single drink, meal or sports activity and if you try to tip, you will be politely refused. Why? because EVERYTHING is included.

Sandals Resorts are the perfect places to rekindle or nurture romance. These tropical hideaways were created exclusively for couples. In Ocho Rios lovers can stroll , hand in hand, through fragrant gardens or lounge peacefully under a shady palm trees in hand strung hammocks. Sandals Negril has a seven mile stretch of beach where the only other person you are likely to see is your significant other. For those in love, or even in like, a couples only resort is the place to be. For singles looking to party, there are several resorts where you can dance all night and bake in the sun all day. A few of these hot spots even offer a clothing optional oasis for the more daring. Families, too, will have no problem finding an all inclusive resort to meet their needs. Super Clubs has programs that give kids hours of fully supervised fun, and parents lots of time to relax and play.

No matter which resort you choose, you are sure to get one thing, top rate treatment. During the day, you'll receive expert instruction in many of the land and water sports that make these resorts so much fun to stay at. After the sun sets, you will indulge in fine cuisine and dance the night away to live entertainment.

So Many Activities, So Little Time
Going to an all inclusive resort can be a little taxing on the brain due to the fact that there are so many things to do. Many people choose a resort vacation because trying the multitude of available activities at home would actually cost more than going to the resort. This is a very economical way to experiment and find a new activity that you might like to pursue further, back at home.

Learning to SCUBA dive at an all inclusive resort is quite simple. If you are not certified, most resorts offer a "resort certification" which will allows you to go on closely supervised guided dives. A resort certification is a great introduction to the sport and Jamaica has some of the most spectacular diving anywhere. Jacques Cousteau's PBS specials don't really do the underwater realm justice. It is not uncommon to see giant spotted rays, which resemble stealth fighters flying through the water. Schools of florescent parrot fish and scores of different species of coral in all colors of the rainbow surround you. The best word to describe the undersea world is awesome!

If SCUBA diving is not for you, a wonderful alternative is snorkeling. Throughout the day, boats full of eager snorkelers are taken about a quarter mile off shore for a view of the abundant undersea life. We predict that once you snorkel, the overwhelming beauty of the undersea world will probably inspire you to want to try scuba.

In the unlikely event that you tire of snorkeling, scuba, sailing, wind-surfing, kayaking, golf or tennis, each resort has state of the art gyms and exercise equipment. Visitors can also go for the burn in a variety of aerobics classes, including step and aqua aerobics. After working out, whirlpools nestled amid fragrant tropical flowers melt the stress out of tired muscles and dry saunas bake away fatigue.

First Class Food
After so much activity, thoughts are likely to turn to food. After staying at various Sandals and Superclubs resorts, we hesitate to call the fare at all inclusive resorts food. A gastronomical work of art would be more appropriate.

Jamaicans are known for their spicy jerked food which is featured in many if the resort's gourmet restaurants. (For those not into the native cuisine there are a variety of other options.) The menu at Sandals Resorts included are such delicacies as Pedro Cays Conch Fritters with Paw-Paw & Tomato Chutney. Jamaicans revere conch as an aphrodisiac so watch out!

Also offered were such savory items as cream of pumpkin soup and stuffed Trinidad curried chicken roti with pineapple relish. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy the chef's selections that accompany these savory treats. For desert be sure to try the "Chocolate Sinfulness", a pie for chocoholics that has just a hint of Jamaica's world famous Blue Mountain coffee. This same coffee, grown in the tropical interior of the island, is also served with dinner.

Vegetarians need not shy away from all inclusive resorts, as the chefs are more than happy to accommodate, with a little advance notice. For those watching their fat intake, every menu offers at least one item to satisfy the palate (you can always try to forgo the "Chocolate Sinfulness").

With so many activities, you're bound to exercise some muscles not usually worked in your everyday workout. Upon arrival at Sandals we were handed a kit which contained shampoo, conditioner, and various gels and lotions. Included in this kit was the one thing no body could do without, a voucher for a twenty minute massage. It seems all inclusive resorts really are exactly that, all inclusive.

Practical Information
The weather in Jamaica is great all year long, so anytime is a good time to go. Temperatures averages 82°F in the daytime and 72° F at night.

U.S. and Canadian citizens who do not have passports can still get into Jamaica but they must show proof of citizenship with a certified birth certificate.

For more information on Sandals Resorts (for couples only) call or 305-284-1300 or 1-800-SANDALS (North America), 071-581-9895 (United Kingdom), 46-8-667-7632 (Sweden), 49-89-592-106 (Germany). Visit the Sandals website at www.sandals.com.

For more information on Jamaica Jamaica ( singles or couples), HedonismII (non-stop party, clothing optional, couples or singles), Grand Lido Negril (couples or singles), Boscobel Beach (family resort) or Sans Souci Lido (couples or singles) resorts call Superclubs at 305-925-0925 or 1-800-858 SUPER (North America), 0992-447420 (United Kingdom). Visit the SuperClubs website at www.superclubs.com.

Two major airlines fly to Jamaica: Air Jamaica at 1-800-523-5585 American Airlines at 1-800-433-7300

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