Tips for Baby's First Visit with Santa Claus

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Tips for Baby's First Visit with Santa Claus. Your child's first visit with the big man can be intimidating. Here are tips for making it smooth and insuring you get the perfect picture with Santa.


e first visit with Santa can be quite scary for a child. Not only is the concept of there actually being a Santa hard to grasp for toddlers, but they are also very attached to mommy and daddy. Not to mention Santa can a bit scary looking at first. Here are some tips to make your child's first visit with the big man a pleasant one:

  • 1. In preparation of going to see Santa, read some books to your child about Santa. Let him see pictures. Or watch a cartoon about Santa and the reindeer.
  • 2. Before actually taking your child to the line, let him observe how other kids are standing in line waiting to sit on Santa's lap. This way he's not surprised when you do get the front of the line. This will also let you read your child's signals - to see if he's ready, emotionally.
  • 3. When it's your turn to take your child up to Santa, instead of putting your child on Santa's lap, kneel down on one knee and put your child on your other knee. He can then talk to Santa without feeling insecure.
  • 4. When it's time for pictures, do a group photo with you holding you child standing next to Santa.
  • 5. Don't expect your baby to be scared or he will be. Children are very good at sensing their parents feelings. If you are afraid or nervous you baby will pick up on that and react on it by crying or refusing to go in line.
  • 6. If your child sys he does not want to go up to see Santa, don't make him. It will only make matters worse.

Elizabeth Geiger is a smother of two children and the owner and editor of The Baby