Effigy Doll Gallery from New Year's Eve

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Effigy Doll Gallery for New Year's Eve. These creations were brought to some of our past New Year's parties, where everyone brings a doll that represents what's to be left behind.

These dolls were created by friends for New Year's Eve Effigy Burning Party in past years. Follow this link for ideas on how you can host your own party.

Did you have an Effigy Burning Party? Share your creation in this gallery by adding it to the comment section below.

Effigy Gallery 2004

new years eve parties

2004 -- Artist and photographer Rena Small created this doll. The arms of this sultry image have messages written on them of all the qualities and influences the doll's creator wanted to be rid of. Surrounding the pink lady are other effigies.

new years effigy burning party

2004 -- Artist Miles Wilson created this effigy to help rid his country to the influence of Osama Bin Ladin and terrorism.

new years eve parties

2004 -- Mark Edward Wilson used a sock used to create the body of this doll, and filled it with sugar, representing the hoped for end of a sugar addiction.

new years parties

2004 -- Tim Holmes took a geometric approach, writing tiny messages within this intricately folded figure's center, representing what was being left behind.

new years eve effigy burning party

2004 -- Mitch Mandell used an old feather mask and paper plate to create this figure, inside the doll were personal messages of things to be left behind.

new years eve parties

2004 -- This two headed monster represented leaving feelings of frustrations, impatience and anger behind.

Effigy Gallery 2001

new year's effigy party

2001, Designed by Cheri Sicard, this doll was made from a sock dressed in paper doilies, and the business cards of a recently defunct partnership that ended on less than amicable terms. A dried apple face, leftover from Halloween, served as the head. Inside the doll were symbols of other things wanted to be rid of in the New Year, in this case sugar and butter, representing unhealthy eating habits and a few personal mementos.

new years parties

2001, Designed by Mitch Mandell and constructed from an old mailing tube, the inside of this effigy was stuffed with personal messages of things to be left behind in the New Year. The arms and hair were made of the same business cards that dressed Cheri's doll (left).

new years party, effigy burning

2001, Pam Hughes constructed this chubby but beautiful doll from paper and tongue depressors. Can you guess from the doll's figure what Pam was hoping to leave behind in the coming year?

new year's effigy burning party

2001, Tom and Susan Conley created this doll of twigs and a pine cone. Professional magician Tom filled the interior with some creative pyrotechnic effects that dazzled the crowd as it burned (he's a professional, don't try this at home kids).

new year's effigy party

2001, Sarah Conley created this paper masterpiece from notes from a particularly disliked class. While unfortunately the photo didn't come out, Sarah's brother Nicholas, a UCLA chemical engineering student, took a similar theme for his effigy, creating a geometric paper cube made from class notes.

new years effigy party

2001, Tracy Burnes used paper plates for the head of this effigy and rolled up bills (representing debt) for the body. The writing that comprised the mouth of the doll and outlines the edges are personal notes of negativity and bad habits to be left behind.

new year's parties

2001, Wanting to be rid of debt in the coming year, Tim Holmes fashioned his doll from old credit card bills.