Halloween Makeup Instructions - Scary Witch Face

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Halloween Makeup Instructions - Scary Witch Face. Professional makeup designer Richard Burnes show step-by-step, with photos, how to create this scary witch face of Halloween.

Note from Cheri:
Here's a great theatrical face for a witch costume. I say it's theatrical because this face will read even better at a distance, as the lines will look more natural -- making it perfect for stage pieces or haunted house vignettes. Make-up designer Richard Burnes says you can also do this face without the latex prosthetic nose, but we think it adds a special touch. Richard's wife Tracy, the model for this face, is really quite beautiful the rest of the year!

You Will Need
latex prosthetic witch nose (optional)
spirit gum adhesive (only if you're using the nose)
spirit gum adhesive remover
black grease paint make-up
green grease paint make-up
brown grease paint make-up
red grease paint make-up
make-up brushes, such as a lipstick brushes
make-up sponges
baby powder (Johnson's works well, avoid any powders with oils or moisturizers as this will ruin the make-up)
clean white sock (a child's sock will work fine, finer material is better than thick)
clean shaving brush or baby's hair brush
rubbing alcohol

Black out wax for teeth with give your witch a toothy evil grin and chewing Raven's Revenge candy will turn your tongue a nice shade of black.

Before Starting

It's a good idea to put some alcohol on a cotton ball and go over the face to remove all traces of oil before beginning.

Fill the clean white sock with baby powder and tie a knot in the end. You'll be using this powder sock to set the makeup. Setting greasepaint make-up with powder will make it last and last. To remove the make-up when the evening is finished, use anything grease or oil based to instantly dissolve it -- cold cream, baby oil, etc.

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Apply a thin coat of spirit gum adhesive to the edge of the nose and the areas of skin where it will be applied. Allow the spirit gum to set for a minute or so then press the nose down, sealing the edges. Hold nose in place until adhesive dries and it is firmly in place -- about 3 minutes.

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After the nose was applied, Richard took some green greasepaint on a make-up sponge and apottily applied it to Tracy's face. Notice he didn't cover her entire face in green, the effect we were going for here was almost of moss or mold growing in patches and shadows.

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After applying and blending the green, Richard used dark brown to bring out the features like wrinkles ad eyebrows. Even though Tracy's natural face is not wrinkled, Richard followed her natural laugh lines and facial structure when applying these wrinkles so they would move with her face and show expression.

halloween makeup, costumes, witch, scary

Richard then lined under Tracy's eyes in red for a scary effect (check to be sure that your red make-up is safe to use in the eye area, not all of them are). For the mouth, Richard used black greasepaint as lipstick. At this point it's time to go outside (otherwise it makes a mess) and powder. Have your subject lightly close their eyes and hold their breath while you lightly tap the entire surface of the face with the filled powder sock. Take a shaving brush or baby's hairbrush and brush away the excess powder and your ready for your costume!