Halloween Makeup Instructions - Cat or Feline Face

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Halloween Makeup Instructions - Cat or Feline Face. Professional makeup designer shows us how to do spectacular cat makeup, step-by-step with photos.

Make-up designer Richard Burnes created this face for his then 5 year old daughter Madison, our model. By changing the base colors, you can easily change the breed and style of your cat face.

You Will Need
clown white grease paint make-up
black grease paint make-up
yellow grease paint make-up
orange grease paint make-up
brown grease paint make-up
make-up brushes, such as a lipstick brushes
baby powder (Johnson's works well, avoid any powders with oils or moisturizers as this will ruin the make-up)
clean white sock (a child's sock will work fine, finer material is better than thick)
clean shaving brush or baby's hair brush
rubbing alcohol

Before Starting

It's a good idea to put some alcohol on a cotton ball and go over the face to remove all traces of oil before beginning.

Fill the clean white sock with baby powder and tie a knot in the end. You'll be using this powder sock to set the makeup. Setting greasepaint make-up with powder will make it last and last. To remove the make-up when the evening is finished, use anything grease or oil based to instantly dissolve it -- cold cream, baby oil, etc.

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Richard began this face by applying apots of yellow grease paint to Madison's face. He then took his finger and blended a thin coat of orange at the edges of the yellow. The remainder of Madison's face was covered in a thin layer of clown white grease paint. The lines of the colors were slightly blneded together by tapping the fingertips lightly over the face. Now it's time to go outside (otherwise it makes a mess) and powder. Have your subject lightly close their eyes and hold their breath while you lightly tap the entire surface of the face with the filled powder sock. Take a shaving brush or baby's hairbrush and brush away the excess powder (not shown).

After powdering, begin applying black greasepaint for the feline now and the top of the mouth.

halloween make up instrcutions, cat facehalloween make up faceshalloween make up, cat face

After coloring in the natural lipline with black grasepaint, Richard also esed black to extend lines on the lower lip and to put tiny dots on the upper lip (a quick tip for applying dots is to dip the end of a cotton swab or even a pencil araser in the greasepaint and dab it onto the face). Next came black around the eyes to give them a feline look. The final touch was to take dark brown greasepaint and paint in lines around where the yellow/orange make-up meets up with the white then paint in some whiskers that go across the cheeks (see final photo above). One more coating of powder and brush of the excess and Madison was ready to get into costume!