Jim Chuda's Green House -- Environmental Home Design

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Green Home Design. When world renowned environmental architect Jim Chuda created his own home, he incorporated environmentally friendly design into every aspect of the home.

green house, environmental home designLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA -- When world renowned environmental architect Jim Chuda and his wife Nancy, who co-founded the Children's Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC), sought the most symbiotic interior designers for their new home in the Hollywood Hills, one of the first places they went was the Pacific Design Center. Located in West Hollywood and known as the center of cutting edge, luxurious interior design in Los Angeles, fortuity and a water feature drew them straight to Troy Adams Designs showroom.

"I was drawn to Troy and Lisa's space, first by the water feature in their showroom," says Nancy. "Once I spoke to them about our green home and dedication to environmental habitats, and learned that their FusionDesign™ philosophy has always embraced environmentalism, I realized that an entirely green home - inside and out - would be the epitome of our life's work."

Nancy Chuda's mission through CHEC is dedicated to educating the public - specifically parents and caregivers - about environmental toxins that affect children's health. CHEC was founded by the Chudas after losing their only child to a non-hereditary form of cancer that they suspect was caused by maternal exposure to pesticides.

Finding Troy Adams design became a catalyst, for it was after the firm was hired that the Chudas began their crusade to present their newly-built home as a case study, by being featured as Los Angeles magazine's Design House 2005: The Green Home.

The Chudas sought out and found "green" designers for every room in the four bedroom house. Troy Adams Designs kitchen solution included specifying and designing cabinets, counter tops, appliance selection, flooring, lighting, paint colors, furnishings, and decor.

"The Chudas welcomed us to incorporate FusionDesign™ in a confined space that includes a kitchen and adjacent dining area. Our objective became to create a living, sociable area, room for all appliances and furnishings, while taking advantage of an adjoining outdoor deck," says Troy.

The kitchen includes an L-shaped island so anyone in the kitchen can interact freely with those who are sitting in the dining area or mingling on the outdoor deck. Because the kitchen is exposed to the dining area, Troy created stainless steel and Cherry wood "garages" that make appliances disappear with ease. A granite water feature is on the outside island facing the dining area so diners are soothed by the sound of trickling water. A glass-topped bar features two levels of seating - one which allows guests to view a flat screen TV that, when turned off, disappears and becomes a mirrored wall.

Troy Adams designed a completely recyclable kitchen and dining spaces which include:

  • Flooring made of cork and bamboo, both earth-friendly, natural products, formaldehyde-free, emitting no toxic fumes.
  • Counter tops made from lava stone found in only one place in the world. This lava, found in France, is quarried out of the ground and sliced into slab form and installed either untreated or enameled and fired at 1800 degrees. Troy used stone in both untreated and enameled (in cherry red) forms integrating them in a free flowing wave pattern on the counter tops. No out gassing or formaldehyde are emitted.
  • Cabinets made from Cherry and Wenge woods were manufactured in Germany which has much stricter standards for materials production than the US.
  • Veneers are made from materials found in sustainable forests.
  • ABC plastic is used instead of PBCso no fluorocarbons are emitted when burned.
  • Low voltage light fixtures were installed.
  • Energy efficient appliances were used, many that save 50% of normal water consumption.
  • Electrical appliances use 240 volt and 15 amps versus the standard 240 volt, 40-50 amps. * Granite water feature brings the soothing sound of water inside the room.
  • Custom stainless steel prep counter with sliding cutting board and garbage receptacle (there's an easy to use composting system outside) make an efficient use of space.
  • All paint is low in VOC.
  • All cabinets having sliding or Shoji doors.
  • Aluminum roll top tambour doors or "garages" hide appliance when not in use, giving the space a sleek look.

Along with Jim and Nancy Chuda, Troy Adams knows that the consequences of man's use and manufacture of certain products can be dire. The Chuda's Green Home is a perfect showcase to illustrate how form, function, style and design, and sustainable living are not mutually exclusive.

Learn more about Troy Adams Design by clicking to www.TroyAdamsDesign.com.

Learn more about CHECup(The Children's Environmental Health Coalition) and how you can keep your children safe from environmental hazards by clicking to www.checnet.org.

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