A Diabetic Friendly Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast

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A Diabetic Friendly Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast. Who needs turkey with so many other delicious healthy diabetic friendly recipes.

Turkey may be central to your idea of the holidays, but what do you do if one or more of America's 20 million vegetarians come for dinner? You can, of course, try to fill them up on the usual holiday trimmings, but this commonly used solution seems off-handed and lacking in the generous spirit of the holiday.

Making a meatless showpiece can take as much time as preparing the big bird itself. Better than preparing two meals (one for meat eaters and one for vegetarian guests), you can add several savory protein-filled side dishes to your turkey, ham or roast beef centerpiece. You can also ask your vegetarian friends to bring a favorite main dish to share with the meat-eating half of the guest list. This will ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate in more than one culinary culture!

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November is National Diabetes Month, which is the perfect backdrop for recognizing the needs of your diabetic-vegetarian guests. I've long been a fan of vegetarian author Nava Atlas's cookbooks, which is why I've selected her recipes (with the exception of the Indian Corn Pudding) for this holiday presentation. The wizardry that she works with whole grains, vegetables, soups and desserts puts her in a class unparalleled by most other vegetarian cookbook authors.

Please join us in adding one (or more) of these fabulous, diabetic-friendly vegetarian recipes to your holiday table this year, and be prepared for rave reviews!


IMPORTANT RECIPE NOTE: We DO use small amounts of refined sugar per serving in our recipes, which is in keeping with the revised guidelines for people with diabetes, issued by the American Diabetes Association Committee On Nutrition in 1994. We strongly urge that you check with your physician, health care team, primary diabetes health care provider, or registered dietitian or nutritionist on how to incorporate our recipes, or any recipes from our cookbook reviews, into your daily meal plan.

Recipes with refined sugar may not be suitable for ALL diabetics. Your blood sugars should be under control and your daily meal plan MUST include the carbohydrate allowances per serving for each recipe containing refined sugar.

Marilyn Helton is a regular contributor to Fabulous Foods as well as the Diabetic Gourmet. She firmly believe that a diabetes diagnosis does not have to mean a culinary death sentence. Click here to visit Marilyn's website Cinnamon Hearts for more diabetic recipes and information.

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