How to Make Cafe Curtains, Simple Sewing

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How to make Cafe Curtains. As long as you have a sewing machine, these cute curtains are simple, inexpensive and take almost no time to make.
Choose fabric that fits your personality. It's amazing how much changing curtains can do for a room. You might even think of making a solid color curtain ad trimming it with rickrack, ribbon, lace or other such adornments

sewing machine, needles, thread

Measuring Instructions

1. First measure your window height. Cafe curtains can cover anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of your window. If you want to cover the bottom window casing, include that in your measurement.

2. Measure your window width and include the casing if that is your choice. Your fullness should be twice to three times the measurement. If your fabric is home decorator type fabric, it is heavier and therefore twice the fullness should be fine. If you are sewing with sheer fabric, then three times the fullness is what you would want.

3. To your height measurement add 6" for bottom hem and 4" for heading. This is how much length in total fabric you need.

4. To your width measurement add 4" for side hems. This is the width in total fabric you need.

Cutting Instructions

1. Cut your fabric the length you need plus the 6" for hems.

2. Cut a 4" wide strip the finished width of your panel.

3. Cut a 3" wide strip the width of your fabric for loops to hang the panel.

Sewing Instructions

1. Take the 3" wide strip and press one long edge under 1/4". Fold the pressed edge over the opposite raw edge and stitch down the entire length. Press, centering seam in the middle of the strip. Cut this strip into 6" pieces.

2. Press under 1" on either side of cafe panel. Turn and press again another 1". Press and stitch down. These are your side hems.

3. Do the same to the 4" strip. This is your cafe heading.

4. Fold 6" loops in half widthwise. Keep seam line on underside. Place one at each end of panel top. Decide how far apart you want the loops. Placing raw edges of loops even with raw edges of panel, pin each loop in place. Make sure they are evenly spaced.

5. Right sides together, pin heading on top of panel and loops.

6. Sew across heading and loops using 1/2" seam allowance.

7. Flip heading to wrong side of panel. Stitch down sides and bottom edge.

8. Turn up bottom hem 3" and press. It is important that your hem be straight. Turn again the width of the first turn and stitch down. That's it. You have finished your cafe curtain!

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Mary Wilkins, a Canadian quilter, sewer and editor of, gave us the instructions for these great cafe curtains.

As long as you have a sewing machine, these cute curtains are simple, inexpensive and take almost no time to make.