How to Make Curling Ribbon Bows

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How to Make a Curling Ribbon Bows. Turn ordinary inexpensive curling ribbon into extraordinary bows for all your gift wrapping needs. Photo instructions show how.
a gift wrapped box


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Step 1. Cut a strand of ribbon long enough to tie a bow around your box (hint: cut the ribbon extra long, you can always cut off the excess later). Pull out several strands of curling ribbon from their spools equally as long (we used eight to make our base bow, you could use more or less as you see fit). Put all the strands of ribbons together and work with them as if they are a single strand. Beginning on the right or front side of the box, lay the ribbon over the box as shown in the photo. Step 2. Bring the ribbons over to the other side of the box. When the ribbons meet in the middle give them a twist, then go around the box in the other direction. wrapping, gift wraps, bows wrapping, gift wraps, bows
Step 3. Tie a tight double knot with the ribbon strands on the front side of the package (this is where an extra pair of hands comes in handy -- to hold the knot in place until you are able to tightly tie it). Step 4. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a large bow. wrapping, gift wraps, bows
Step 5. Cut each of the ribbons through the middle of each of it's bow loops (so instead of one loop, you'll have two strands of ribbon. wrapping, gift wraps, bows wrapping, gift wraps, bows
Step 6. Use the edge of your scissors to curl each individual strand of ribbon. Step 7. If you are happy with the way your bow looks after step 6, you can stop there. Otherwise, do what we did in Step 7 and add more. Take several more strands of ribbon (use a length of ribbon that each half of the ribbon will make a curl about the same size as the ribbon curls already on the package), and again working them as if they were a single strand, weave them underneath the center of the crossed ribbons on the front of the package. Tie these extra ribbons in a tight knot (taking care not to tie in the already curled ribbons from the first steps). Take your scissors and curl these extra ribbon strands. If you want an even fuller bow, repeat Step 8 again (we stopped after one extra addition for the bow in the photo at the top of this page).

I look at the photo below and am amazed that I actually wrapped the package. For years I was severely challenged when it came to wrapping gifts. Some people would assume my toddler great nieces or nephews (or even my dog) had wrapped the lopsided mess of tape and wrapping paper before them. Others were more discreet in their gift wrapping evaluations. Nonetheless, I finally decided to do something about it and conquer the great mystery of neatly (and dare I say even stylishly) wrapping a gift.

So, for step by step photo instructions on how actually wrap a box with gift wrap, click here. To learn how to make the curling ribbon bow in the photo, see the tutorial below.