Punch Art Christmas Greeting Cards

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Punch Art Christmas Greeting Cards. Get creative with a paper punch and make these extraordinary Christmas cards.

To make these gorgeous, intricate, three dimensional cards, I put a paper punch to a new and innovative use. The punch used was not a traditional Christmas tree, but rather a punch of a bare branched tree. Put lots of these punched elements together and you come up with the designs for the cards on this page.

For the cards above we built paper wreath frames to set off some favorite photos. These are like little mini Christmas scrapbooks you can mail to friends and family, and give them a chance to visually catch up with your family.

greeting cards, card makingIf you don't have any photos you want to use in your cards, no problem. You can use the same punch to create elegant Christmas Tree cards like the ones at right. Whether your recipient is the old fashioned type or a hipster, you can use the same punch to create a unique card in either style.

Paper Punch Christmas Cards and Gift Wrap

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