Punch Art Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

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How to Make Make 3-D Punch Art Christmas Tree Gift Wrap. Use a paper punch in a whole new way to make this innovative gift wrap embellishment.
brown craft paper
Christmas design rubber stamps (ours are from Creative Expressions)
red and green rubber stamping ink
3 contrasting paper colors for background mats (we used forest green, brick red and beige Christmas scrapbook papers)
green paper scraps in various shades
small multicolored paper scraps
small piece of paper to make tree trunk (we used more of the forest green paper we used for the background mat)
lace design border punch (Fiskars)
round photo corner punch (Fiskars)
bare branch tree paper punch (EK Success)
round paper hole punch
paper trimmer
adhesives (we used spray mount and glue sticks)
small quilled paper bow (see Related Project links below for instructions)
1.Scrapbooking 2.gift wrapping, gift wraps

Step 1. Follow the directions at this link to make stamped gift wrap using Christmas Rubber Stamps and red and green inks.

Step 2. Wrap the box in the stamped gift wrap paper. For detailed wrapping instructions, click here.

Step 3. Use the EK Success bare branch tree punch and green paper scraps to punch a lot of trees. It's easier to punch with the punch upside down, as in the photo, so you can see exactly where you are punching. This allows you to punch closer together and get more punches out of your paper.

For this particular project, you should punch some trees entirely, and some with the tree truck edge of the punch off the paper, so you end up with a tree without a trunk base. This latter shape is good to make the top layer of branches on the Christmas Tree card. How many punched trees you need will depend on the size of your card.

Step 4. Punch a bunch of small circles out of different colors of paper scraps -- these will make your tree ornaments.

Step 5. Cut the forest green mat the size you want your card to be.

Step 6. We used Fiskar's lace border punch along all four edges of the forest green mat to create its intricate, lacy edge. If you don't have a border punch you can use decorative edges scissors to cut the edge instead.

Step 7. We cut our brick red mat 1/2 inch smaller than the green mat, then used Fiskars round photo corner punch to round the four corners of the paper.

Step 8. We cut the beige mat 3/8 of an inch smaller than the red mat, so that it will neatly fit inserted into the punched corners.

11.gift wrapping, gift wraps

Step 11. Starting at the top of the tree and working your way down the outline of the triangle, begin applying the small punched trees to the card. To do so , apply a small drop of white glue or glue from a glue stick to the bottom part of the punched tree only. Keeping the top part of the punches free of adhesives will give your tree a 3 dimensional look.

Tip: You can give your tree even more dimension by using a pencil or even your fingers to slightly curl the branches of the punched trees before applying glue and sticking them to the card.

9.gift wrapping, gift wraps10.gift wrapping, gift wraps

Step 9. Slip the beige mat (ours has a Christmas lettering design on it) into the punched corners of the brick red mat.

Step 10. Apply spray adhesive to the entire back side of the brick red mat (or run it through a Xyron machine) and apply it to the center of the forest green mat.

Take a pencil and ruler and lightly trace a large triangle on the beige mat -- this will be the general shape of your Christmas tree. Don't worry about the pencil marks, they will be covered when the card is finished.

12.gift wrapping, gift wraps13.gift wrapping, gift wraps

12. Continue placing trees on the card. To get a realistic look, place the punched trees at a slight upward angle. Outline the edges of the tree and fill in towards the center. Use some the punches without the bottom trunks to fill in the top layers of branches.

After you have filled all the branches, randomly glue the colored punched dots onto the tree for decorations.

Tip: For gluing tiny pieces, like the small dots or even the punched trees, try using your glue stick to "pick them up," thereby transferring some of the adhesive to the paper, while being able to move and place the paper piece.

13. To make the base or trunk of the tree, fold a small piece of paper in half and freeform cut a small, flat topped triangle piece of paper. Open the fold and glue this to the base of the tree, hiding any ragged punch ends in the process.

14. Glue a small quilled bow to the center of the base of the trunk using a glue dot or other adhesive.

15. Turn the card over and apply a thin layer of spray adhesive to the back of the green mat. Apply the card to the front of the wrapped package.

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To make the gorgeous, intricate, three dimensional card on the front of this package, I put a paper punch and our to a new and innovative use. The punch used was not a Christmas tree, but rather a punch of a bare branched tree. Put lots of these punched elements together and you come up with this design. Be sure to see the Related Project links bleow for more great projects to make with this punch.