How To Decorate Cookies

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Cookie Decorating 101. This step-by-step photo tutorials illustrates how to make exquisite decorated cookies using the flood or fill method. These make great gift or party favors.
Thanks go to those party gals Mary Ann and Kimberly from for these great instructions for decorating cookies using the fill or flood method. If you're a beginning cookie decorator or would like to learn more about decorating cookies, just follow these easy steps to creating decorated cookies. Once you understand the techniques, let your imagination run wild with decorations and design ideas. Try different cookie shapes, icing colors or sugars and other decorations. The sky's the limit and your family and friends will be amazed with your fabulous creations.

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Hint! Be sure to create a sketch or drawing of what you want your cookie to look like before decorating - this will ease the stress of creating as you go.

See the related recipes and articles below for more great cookie decorating ideas and patterns.

Roll out your cookie dough. Then using a cookie cutter cut out the shapes. Click here for a good sugar cookie recipe that makes a huge batch of cookies for decorating!

Remove the cookie impression from the dough.

Bake your cookies according to your recipe's directions and let cool completely on a rack before decorating.

Make a batch of royal icing, thick enough to hold it's shape when piped. Fill a decorating bag about a 1/3 full with Royal Icing. Tint with desired color or leave white. Fit with tip # 2 or 3. Click here for the Royal Icing Recipe.

Squeeze, while outlining the edge of the cookie. After outlining the entire edge, stop at the edge of the beginning line, touch and lift This is called the dam or seam.

To seal the seam, dip a paintbrush in some water. Dab the paintbrush on a paper towel. Gently touch the seam. This will cause it to disappear. Allow the outline to dry.

Take the icing that you will use to fill in the center of your outline, add a little water to it. It needs to have a streaming not runny consistency.

Fill the outline in with the thinned icing, using a spoon or squeeze bottle. Be generous With a spoon gently push the icing into the corners and at the points.

Allow the icing to dry for at least 2 hours. After your cookie has had time to dry, you can add additional decorations or writing on your creation.